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Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups

WashU Affinity groups are initiated, self-governed, and led by volunteer staff and faculty leaders that support equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts that shift the culture and climate of the WashU community. Affinity Group leaders provide various opportunities for employees to engage across roles and disciplines and foster a sense of community.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA)

APIDA provides Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or Desi American staff and faculty with opportunities to interact, strengthen professional connections, and build support networks through outreach with the local APIDA community.

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Black Faculty and Staff Cabinet

The Cabinet fosters a culture of oneness by ensuring the support, equity, and inclusion of African American/Black faculty and staff at WashU, and brings issues to the attention of the university’s leadership. The Cabinet will support the academic and professional development of African American/Black faculty, staff, students and other individuals of color.

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Diversity and Inclusion Forum for Faculty and Staff (DIFFS)

This forum is a culturally inclusive and supportive network for all underrepresented faculty and staff at Washington University committed to supporting a strong diverse and inclusive environment.

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Latine faculty and staff that focus on creating opportunities for community, connection, and conversation.

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Community Sourced Recommendations STL Resource Guide

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Equity & Inclusion Council

The Washington University Equity and Inclusion Council (WUEIC) is a representative body of students, staff, and faculty from across all corners of the university. Our charge — indeed the reason for our creation — is to keep WashU aligned with and accountable to our institutional commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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