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Annual Harassment Prevention Training Due Today

The 2024 annual harassment prevention training requirement is part of WashU’s ongoing commitment to creating a positive learning and working environment for everyone. 

The deadline to complete this training is 5 p.m. CT, today, Friday, April 12, 2024. Employees who have not yet completed this training should log in to Workday to complete it now. Each training module can take up to 90 minutes to complete and is considered work time. 

Employees who do not complete this annual training by the deadline should not engage in work responsibilities beginning Monday, April 15, until the training is completed in Workday. 

Employees must complete the training assigned to them in Workday. Employees are assigned one training based on their work location (Illinois or non-Illinois) and job role (faculty, managerial role and/or association with the School of Medicine) at the university. All faculty will be assigned harassment prevention training that includes supervisory content regardless of if they have direct reports as part of the university’s ongoing commitment to foster a positive working environment.

If an employee is encountering technical difficulty completing the course, please reach out to the Workday Support Team for assistance. For questions about the training requirement and WashU’s commitment to a fair and inclusive workplace, contact InstitutionalEquity@wustl.edu.

As a reminder, any employee can report concerns about the workplace through the Washington University Reporting Hotline or call 1-844-484-5957. For more information, read WashU’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy